Scio Animal Treatment Testimonials


My first experience was when my yearling, The Big French, slipped and fell, injuring his back so that he could not get up. In spite of conventional medical treatments, he was still unable to get up after 4 days although he was in relatively good spirits.
Within an hour after his first Scio treatment he managed to get up on his own. His balance was very poor and we continued with physiotherapy, medication and regular Scio treatments – now at 4 years old, he has become a well-adapted, successful show horse.
Luci N.



Then there was the case of the mentally unhappy and unreliable Harlem Devine. This horse had gotten a really bad reputation for being dangerous and unreliable. We picked up from the Scio that he was very stressed and unhappy, so we started with regular Scio treatments.
Since then he has showed successfully to win a number of South Championships and we have brought him home from the professional training stables to work in an “amateur” environment, as he is now safe enough to do so. Both from your Scio feedback and my experience, he is so much more settled mentally.
Luci N.



Robyn used her Scio machine to treat two of my horses with amazing results. Kwacha had a condition called “phleg leg”. The vet treated him with a course of penicillin antibiotics. The wound healed partially but reopened and he had another course of antibiotics.
There was no improvement and the vet then prescribed a course of sulphur based antibiotics. He said if that didn’t work we would have to put Kwacha down. At this stage my horse was despondent, very thin and had lots of inflammation around the injection sites.
He had a Scio treatment and was noticeably better the next day. He had several follow up Scio treatments and has now made a full recovery. Dapple had a hoof problem in his near hind leg. The farrier tried his best with corrective shoeing, but the hoof problem persisted. He was lame and depressed and unsociable with the other horses.
We again used Scio to treat his condition, he is more sociable and happy, and his lameness definitely improved. Scio has made a big difference to both horses quality of life and overall condition.
Anne C.



My percheron/thoroughbred cross developed a nasal discharge after moving from Underberg to Port Alfred. The vets put her on antibiotics and she seemed a little better. The discharge returned and she became lethargic and depressed.
The vets thought she had picked up a virus and put her on another course of antibiotics. After the third course she was still no better and had become petrified of vets and syringes. After the fourth treatment, I was desperate and Troika was looking terrible.
The vets then gave me ventipulmin bronchodilator for horses which suffer from allergies and asthma. It cost an absolute fortune and did nothing for Troika, she was going downhill fast.
I then heard about Robyn’s Scio treatments for horses and contacted her. I gave Robyn a lock of Troika’s hair, her photo and birth details. Robyn started treating her and the next morning there was a definite improvement. She had 2 more treatments and was back to her normal self within 6 days! I can never say thank you enough for giving me my horse back!
Kelly W.



Scio treatments have also saved the life of one of my horses when she had a severe leg injury. Today she is as sound as a bell and I was at the point of having her put down due to severe lameness and excruciating pain.
I highly recommend scio treatments to any person who would like a safe and non-invasive therapy that really works.
Scio and a talented scio practitioner like Robyn can really work miracles in activating the body to heal itself. ”
Susan Edwards



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