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Quantum Wellness & Nutrition
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by Annabel Hughes Aston on Quantum Wellness & Nutrition

I first reached out to Robyn after witnessing the vitality and weight loss in a friend of mine. I'm 53 years old, dealing with menopause, and was struggling with weight gain, serious fatigue, as well as niggling issues like joint pain and digestive issues, the last of which I'd never experienced before.


While I was familiar with Zest4Life and nutrition based around one's GL, at the time I never knew anything about SCIO quantum biofeedback. The two modalities, which Robyn works so well together, not only helped me lose weight and reinstate energy levels I'd forgotten I had, but she pinpointed exactly where my body was compromised.


This way, she managed to guide me beyond diet and exercise to stress management, to what supplements would help me, and to mending any imbalances in my mind, body and spirit that was highlighted by the SCIO biofeedback. Robyn did this even though I live in neighboring Zambia.


Her treatments and counseling are safe and very effective. I couldn't recommend Robyn more highly.

by Cathy Mc Cracken on Quantum Wellness & Nutrition

its 6 months later, and I am pleased to advise that i have not put any of the weight back on . I have lost 10 kg from healthy eating and am hoping to lose a bit more. I have not taken any anti acid for 6 months , and my knee pain has gone (that was the reason for losing the weight in the first place)

its not a strict diet, but a eating plan , and its easy and fun, and I am still eating about 80- 90% healthy. I am human and do cheat and I am drinking wine at night , but the weight has stayed off - Thanks Robyn

Thank you Cathy!

by Sasha B on Quantum Wellness & Nutrition

Love it!

by Quinn Jones on Quantum Wellness & Nutrition

Excellent advice.

Scio was very accurate!!!

Thank you for your kindness and patience!

Thank you Quinn!