You Will Find Out How To:

  • Eat a wide range of delicious food and still lose weight easily
  • Improve your mood and mental alertness
  • Regain your energy and zest4life
  • Decrease your stress and increase your resilience
  • Break free from anxiety and poor sleep
  • Dramatically decrease your risk of diabetes heart disease and cancer

Learn the How of Losing Weight and Keeping it Off

Learn how to reclaim your Zest4Life, lose weight, look great and feel amazing.

These programs are based on the Patrick Holford Zest4Life coaching and nutrition system, with excellent,proven results.

A Personalised Weight Loss Programmes is for you if…

  • You want a long term solution and want to stop the constant diets
  • You want a ‘family friendly’ approach that fits in with your life
  • You don’t want any more fads, quick fixes and extreme diets
  • You would love to simply eat REAL food

Coaching is as important as the provision of eating plans when it comes to weight loss. I use the zest4life methodolgy based on low GL eating combined with motivational coaching and the results are amazing! The length and format of your programme will depend on the frequency of support you require and how much weight you wish to lose.

A weight loss programme will typically involve the following elements:

  • Initial Personal consultation
  • Follow up consultations – face to face, skype, telephone
  • Mini progress review calls
  • Body stats analysis with printout, including fat%, muscle etc
  • Zest4life Nutrition Success Formula booklet
  • Zest4life Personal Development Record booklet
  • Seasonal recipes
  • Email support